Feeding time: Stray cats running towards Malaysian fireman at meal time has Twitter excited (VIDEO)

Sylvia Looi
Screenshot grab from Twitter where the cats come running towards fireman Mohamed Zulfadhli Azmi during meal times. — Picture from Twitter/ZximxhXzmi

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 8 — A group of stray cats running towards a man when he calls out to them during meal time has melted hearts on Twitter. 

In the 25-second video uploaded on the social media platform, the voice, belonging to fireman Mohamed Zulfadhli Azmi, is heard calling to the cats.

“Mai, mai, mai, mai, mai,” he can be heard saying. 

Mai is the northern dialect for come in Malay.  



Zulfadhli jokingly said there was a 100-metre sprint event before calling out.

Upon hearing the prompt, the cats came running towards Zulfadhli’s house.

Speaking to the Malay news portal mStar, Zulfadhli said it has been his daily routine for the past one year to feed the cats in the morning before leaving for work.

He said the cats were fed with fish that he bought weekly from the market.

“Initially, only two cats came to feed but as time passed, the number became 10. Maybe they gave birth.”

“Since the number of cats has increased. I buy fish from the market on the weekend. Normally I buy between two and three kilogrammes. The type of fish that I buy is not fixed. Sometimes ikan kembong, sometimes ikan selayang.”

“The cost spent is also not fixed, depending on the price of fish. On average, I spend about RM19 each time.”

Zulfadhli said the cats are so used to getting fed by him daily that even the sound of him opening the refrigerator would have them running to his house.

“Those who are cheeky will even climb the windows,” said the 31-year-old.

Despite feeding the cats, Zulfadhli also ensured it did not make a mess.

“Every time when feeding them, I would place the fish in a container. I do not wish my neighbours to complain of bad smell or remnants of the fish.”

The video on Twitter, which was shared by Zulfadhli’s sister Nurzaimah, had since been retweeted 19,700 times and received 13,900 likes.

Many of the comments thanked Zulfadhli for his kindness in feeding the strays.

Twitter user Marshall Bruce Mathers III hoped that Zulfadhli would be blessed with rewards in his afterlife.

Others commented about how fast the cats ran towards him.

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