Feb 2022 Yishun BTO Review: A Hidden Gem with a Good Balance of All Amenities

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We’re plenty excited for February 2022’s Yishun BTO launch, again a double-project bonanza like its February 2022 Tengah BTO counterpart. It’s also the first Yishun BTO launch in almost four years (the launches were in August and November 2018).

The two projects released for February 2022’s Yishun BTO launch are located almost side by side. Both are bounded by Yishun Avenue 6 and Yishun Avenue 8, with the smaller plot a stone’s throw away from the Khatib Bongsu Park Connector.

Coincidentally, these new February 2022 Yishun BTO projects are close to the Yishun BTO flats launched in 2018, situated in the scenic side of the town. They overlook the waterway at Khatib Bongsu Nature Park, which flows out to the sea. Residents here can also use the park connector to get to Yishun Dam or head towards Rower’s Bay. High floor units might even enjoy stunning sea views with a peek of Malaysia.

Feb 2022 Yishun BTO Map

Yishun Feb 2022 HDB BTO Map (1)
Yishun Feb 2022 HDB BTO Map (1)

Location of Feb 2022 Yishun BTO flats, bounded by Yishun Avenue 6, Yishun Avenue 8, and Yishun Avenue 9. Source: HDB

Yishun Feb 2022 HDB BTO Map (2)
Yishun Feb 2022 HDB BTO Map (2)

Location of Feb 2022 Yishun BTO flats, bounded by Yishun Avenue 6, Yishun Avenue 8, and Yishun Street 44. Source: HDB

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Yishun BTO Location (Feb 2022 HDB BTO launch)

Yishun BTO Location (Feb 2022)



Plot bordered by Yishun Avenue 6, Yishun Avenue 8 and Yishun Avenue 9; plot bordered by Yishun Avenue 6, Yishun Avenue 8, and Yishun Street 44

Nearest MRT(s)

Yishun (North South Line)

Nearest bus interchange

Yishun bus interchange (Yishun Integrated Transport Hub)

Nearest schools

North View Primary School, Chongfu School, Northland Secondary School, Huamin Primary School, Xishan Primary School, Yishun Town Secondary School

Other nearby amenities

Northpoint City, Yishun Integrated Transport Hub, Yishun Town Square, Yishun Swimming Complex, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Yishun Community Hospital, Villa Francis Home for the Aged, Khatib Polyclinic (under construction), Safra Club (Yishun), interim child care centre at Yishun Avenue 11, Yishun Park Hawker Centre, Lower Seletar Reservoir, Sungei Khatib Bongsu / Khatib Bongsu Nature Park, Singapore Orchid Country Club golf course (interim) and bowling alley, proposed nursing home at Yishun Avenue 6, ORTO, Springleaf Nature Park, Nee Soon Medical Centre, Yishun Sports Hall, Rockridge Park @ Yishun, Wisteria Mall

Yishun is a well-developed non-mature estate, with a bunch of amenities and schools for residents. Northpoint City was renovated and expanded in 2010, so it’s a nice shopping mall for the folks living there. Schools are aplenty as well, so parents can rest assured of choices.

A combined 1,830 units of 2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room, and 5-room flats will be made available during the February 2022 Yishun BTO launch.

The first Yishun Feb 2022 BTO project is bordered by Yishun Avenue 6, Yishun Avenue 8 and Yishun Avenue 9; 850 units of 2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room and 5-room flats are on offer. The second site sits in between Yishun Avenue 6, Yishun Avenue 8, and Yishun Street 44, and comprises 980 units of 2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room and 5-room flats.

While the February 2022 Yishun BTO projects are in a lovely area that’s close to nature, they’re also further away from the town centre and Yishun MRT station and bus interchange (Yishun Integrated Transport Hub).

Nevertheless, Yishun still has a charm. One of the Singaporeans we spoke to for a feature on mature and non-mature estates enjoys the peace and quiet in Yishun, as well as the more affordable price point of the flats there.

Looking at the mix of amenities available, Yishun also has something for everyone. Nature, park connectors, shopping malls, business parks, a country club, pet centres... You name it, they (probably) got it.

Yishun BTO Price (Feb 2022 HDB BTO Launch)

Unit type

Yishun BTO Price (Feb 2022)

Melody Spring @ Yishun – Yishun BTO Price (Nov 2018)

Yishun Glen/Melody @ Yishun – Yishun BTO Price (Aug 2018)

Resale flat prices in the area

2-Room Flexi



From $75,000

$210,000 to $272,000



From $170,000

From $178,000

$230,000 to $465,000



From $259,000

From $248,000

$276,000 to $632,500



From $346,000

From $334,000

$276,000 to $780,000

Yishun is considered a non-mature HDB town. This means that property prices here are still more affordable despite the town’s rejuvenation under HDB’s 2007 Remaking Our Heartland programme and other developments such as the Yishun Integrated Transport Hub in 2019.

Since the last BTO launches in Yishun were released almost 4 years ago, we think prices for the Feb 2022 Yishun BTO flats are likely to be slightly higher than previous launches due to inflation.

Judging from the 2018 BTO launch prices of Yishun and Tengah, the Feb 2022 Yishun BTO flats are likely to be slightly more affordable than Tengah’s.

Resale flat prices for newer homes have good resale value, especially for 4- and 5-room units, despite Yishun being a non-mature town. HDB's resale statistics for Q3 2021 are:

  • $328,000 for a 3-room flat

  • $440,000 for a 4-room flat

  • $550,000 for a 5-room flat

Budgeting for Your Yishun Feb 2022 BTO Home Loan

We're predicting that the Yishun Feb 2022 BTO flats will be the most pocket-friendly of the bunch. Here are some price estimates to budget for your potential new home.

Feb 2022 Yishun BTO unit type


If you take an HDB loan (at 2.6% p.a.)

If you take a bank loan (at 1.6% p.a.)

2-room Flexi


$10,000 downpayment; estimated $408 monthly mortgage repayments

$25,000 downpayment ; estimated $303.49 monthly mortgage repayments



$20,000 downpayment; estimated $817 monthly mortgage repayments

$50,000 downpayment; estimated $607 monthly mortgage repayments



$30,000 downpayment; estimated $1,225 monthly mortgage repayments

$75,000 downpayment; estimated $910 monthly mortgage repayments



$40,000 downpayment; estimated $1,633 monthly mortgage repayments

$100,000 downpayment; estimated $1,214 monthly mortgage repayments

Note: We've used the lowest starting price estimates, but depending on your chosen unit, the exact price may vary. Prices stated here excludes any CPF housing grants. For HDB loans, we've assumed an interest rate of 2.6% p.a., at 90% LTV. For bank loans, we've assumed an interest rate of 1.6% p.a., at 75% LTV. This will be updated in Feb 2022 when the actual prices are released.

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In the above examples, we’ve gone on the basis of a 20-year loan. For more home loans and financing advice, reach out to our PropertyGuru Finance Home Loan Advisors for a one-on-one consultation.

Yishun BTO Amenities (Feb 2022 HDB BTO Launch)

Teeming with Everyday Amenities

Shopaholics and foodies can get their fix without travelling out of the town, thanks to Northpoint City and Wisteria Mall with their big-brand retail outlets, cafes and major supermarkets. There is even a cinema at Northpoint City to catch all the blockbuster hits. Additionally, Canberra Plaza and Causeway Point are a quick MRT ride away.

Other amenities in Yishun include various hawker centres and 'kopitiams' such as Yishun Park Hawker Centre, the famous Springleaf Prata and Chong Pang Nasi Lemak, as well as health and medical care facilities such as Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and the upcoming Khatib Polyclinic.

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Keep fit by hitting the gym at Yishun Safra, taking classes the various community clubs or working out at a neighbourhood park. You could also play badminton at Yishun Sports Hall, attempt to scale walls at Rockridge Park @ Yishun, and practise your 200m butterfly stroke at Yishun Swimming Complex.

Decent Connectivity to MRT Stations

Residents in Yishun have decent MRT connectivity. If you hop on the North South Line from Yishun MRT station, you can get to Bishan MRT station in four stops, and Orchard MRT station in nine stops. Springleaf MRT station on the new Thomson-East Coast Line is located further south of the BTO site.

Many buses ply the area as well, with some terminating at and starting their route at Yishun bus interchange, aka the Yishun Integrated Transport Hub. The Yishun Integrated Transport Hub is air-conditioned and seamlessly integrated with Northpoint City and Yishun MRT Station via covered links.

Business and Industrial Enclave

Yishun has a sizable industrial and commercial area. Bounded by Yishun Avenue 2, Yishun Avenue 7 and Yishun Avenue 8 is Yishun Industrial Park A; while bounded by Yishun Avenue 6, Yishun Avenue 7, Yishun Avenue 8 and Yishun Avenue 9 is another business hub.

If you don’t plan to work in one of the many companies in Yishun (or open your own office), that's fine. You could rent out a room or your entire flat after the 5-year Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) is over to someone who does, for a bit of rental income.

Green Spaces and Farmland to Explore

There are plenty of verdant spaces in Yishun, including pockets of green in various neighbourhood parks, a robust Park Connector Network (PCN), Yishun Pond, the Khatib Bongsu PCN and Nature Park. The PCN connects you to Yishun Dam and Rower’s Bay.

Avid hikers and cyclists can also make their way to Lower Seletar Reservoir and Springleaf Nature Park, which connects to Upper Seletar Reservoir Park to the west, or Thomson Nature Park and Upper/Lower Peirce Reservoir to the south.

Plant enthusiasts will be glad to note that Yishun has many businesses in the Chencharu/Bah Soon Pah area that deal with horticulture, aquaculture, agriculture, landscaping and even bonsai. Some of them are farms, aquariums and garden centres that are open to the public.

Many Options for Recreation and Family Fun

Should you exhaust your mall options for dining, shopping and entertainment, take your family to ORTO for some waterside family fun.

ORTO offers a slew of activities such as prawning, longkang fishing, go-karting, paintball and there’s even a trampoline park and a miniature construction site for the kids. There is also a plethora of waterside dining options, event spaces you can rent, and kampung-style hands-on activities for the whole family.

Otherwise, scoot around along Yishun’s PCNs and nearby reservoirs with your little ones, or take them to the Rockridge Park @ Yishun. If your kids are older, you could introduce them to the world of bowling and golf at the Orchid Country Club.

Nearby Primary Schools Available

Speaking of little ones, parents and parents-to-be will definitely be keeping an eye out for suitable primary schools around their future HDB home.

Among the primary schools around the new February 2022 Yishun BTO projects, some have MOE Kindergartens (MK) attached to them which is perfect if they have an older or younger sibling. Here’s a list of the nearby primary schools to check out and 'chope' a place at:

  • Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School

  • Chongfu School

  • Huamin Primary School & MK@Huamin

  • Naval Base Primary School & MK@Naval Base

  • Northland Primary School

  • North View Primary School & upcoming MK@North View

  • Rainbow Centre – Yishun Park School (special education)

  • Xishan Primary School

  • Yishun Primary School & upcoming MK@Yishun

Conclusion: Are the Feb 2022 Yishun HDB BTO Flats Worth Balloting For?

There’s a long-running joke that Yishun is notorious for all sorts of unsavoury things, but it’s also known for lots of good stuff too, like yummy food, gorgeous views and fun activities.

If you’re a young couple looking for housing that won’t break the bank (or your CPF account), has a good mix of amenities, schools, greenery and decent public transport that’s not fraught with the crazed crowds of a mature estate, Yishun could be the place to settle down in.

There’s also the possibility of a generous appreciation in property prices, as inferred from the HDB resale flat prices for 4- and 5-room units.

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Pros of February 2022 Yishun BTO

  • Pockets of green, a park connector at your doorstep, nearby reservoirs, probably a picturesque view from the higher floors

  • Enjoy non-mature estate prices in this well-developed town

  • Good balance of amenities in the area

  • Further from so-called taboo areas such as the columbarium and temples

  • Existing connections via MRT and a bus interchange

  • Major shopping mall in the area

  • Primary schools with attached MOE Kindergartens in the area

  • Decent commuting time to town and most parts of Singapore

Cons of February 2022 Yishun BTO

  • Nearest MRT station is somewhat out of the way

  • Longer time to travel to the east of Singapore

  • Yishun’s 'notorious' reputation (which might also be a good thing as it’s a fantastic talking point)

Yishun, as one of the most value-for-money HDB estates to buy a flat in, may see healthy interest during the February 2022 BTO launch.

Other than price, some factors that draw homebuyers in would be the picturesque surroundings of the new projects, the promise of having access to a PCN at your doorstep, decent amenities, access to public transport, a shopping mall and a selection of primary schools.

We’ll maintain that the location of the new February 2022 Yishun BTOs is fantastic, if you’re into nature, cycling and being away from a noisy town centre. Commuting is generally decent, but future residents will need to take the extra step of taking a feeder bus to the MRT station or a 15-minute walk.

Not sure if you should ballot for the Feb 2022 Yishun BTO flats? Read about the other BTO launches in February below:

More FAQs about Yishun

Is Yishun Dangerous?

Sure, Yishun has quite a reputation, given all the quirky (and sometimes sordid) happenings there. Rest assured, it is one of the safer Singapore neighbourhoods as declared by the Nee Soon Town Council.

Where to Buy Plants in Yishun?

There are various garden centres in Yishun, including World Farm Co Pte Ltd (Hua Hng Trading Co Pte Ltd), Pioneer Garden Services and Ban Nee Chen Pte Ltd, which are largely located near Bah Soon Pah Road or Lorong Chencharu.

Yishun or Nee Soon?

Yishun, formerly known as Nee Soon, was named after a rubber and pineapple plantation magnate, Lim Nee Soon, who made a fortune growing the plants in the area.

What Is the Population of Yishun?

According to HDB, there are 62,786 HDB flats in Yishun, with an estimated 196,600 residents (as of 31 March 2018). The area of Yishun is about 43.19 square kilometres.

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