'Fearless' Woman Helps Swan Return to Water in Berlin

A brave woman helped a swan return to the water in Berlin on January 3 after it landed on a bridge and became disorientated.

Footage captured by Marcy Mendelson shows the woman wrangle the confused bird and throw it over the bridge railing back into the canal below.

“I saw the swan fly too low to clear the bridge and land just in front of the railing. It was slightly dazed and confused and began to pace back and forth, unable to figure out how to return to the water,” Mendelson told Storyful.

This was when the woman, who Mendelson said sells newspapers by the bridge, decided to intervene.

“As onlookers gathered, confused and worried, the lady got up and just did what had to be done,” Mendelson said, praising her “fearless” intervention. Credit: Marcy Mendelson via Storyful

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