Fearing wife’s wrath, KL man stops and returns to son’s school to get ‘Tupperware’ water bottle

Mark Ryan Raj
Fadli’s son, Asyraff, quickly runs back out of class once retrieving his bottle. — Picture via Facebook/Mohd Fadli Salleh.

PETALING JAYA, Jan 22 — Hell hath no fury like a mom who finds out her Tupperware has gone missing.

For Mohd Fadli Salleh, no truer words have ever been spoken as the Kuala Lumpur based teacher shared a story of how he nearly “lost his life” when his son left his water bottle behind at school.

In a post on his Facebook page uploaded two days ago, Fadli explained how he experienced the shock of his life when carrying a rather routine task to pick his son up from school.

“I went to pick up my son from school today, it was already 6.30 anyway. Once I reached the guardhouse, Asyraff got onto my motorbike,” said Fadli.

“Just as we left, he said to me, ‘Dad, I left my wallet in class. There was RM8 inside of it for me to use tomorrow and the day after’.”

Considering that he spends his entire day in a school working as a teacher, Fadli didn’t really feel like going back into school and didn’t mind his son losing the RM8 as he told him to leave it behind.

“I was so lazy to go back inside the school. His class is so far away from the main gate too, so I told him to leave it and I will look for it the next morning,” said Fadli.

However, Asyraff wasn’t done telling his dad everything yet as he then said that he also left behind his water bottle, which was a bombshell for Fadli.

“Sreeettt! I immediately emergency braked and asked him why he didn’t say anything earlier,” said Fadli.

“Losing money is fine, we can consider it as a charity to whoever found it. But if that bottle goes missing, it’s not just my son who will get scolded. I might lose my life.”

Fadli then questioned his son to ask him which particular water bottle it was and if it happened to be the one that’s a Tupperware brand.

Not wanting to be chided (or something potentially worse), Fadli raced back to school with his son on a quest to retrieve the missing Tupperware water bottle.

“The funny part was then when my son went back into his classroom, there was another man accompanying his son upstairs,” said Fadli.

“He shouted ‘He left behind his water bottle teacher!’, and we both shared a laugh before he quickly dashed away, probably to avoid being questioned by his wife if they get home late."

"It’s dangerous to mess with the female species.”

Fadli’s post has since gone viral on social media picking up 51,000 likes, with over 19,000 shares in just two days.

Many social media users laughed reading his story probably because they know the horror of losing their mom’s kitchen utensils too, as they shared some of their own funny stories in the comments section.

Social media users couldn’t contain themselves after reading about Fadli’s fear of his wife. — Screengrab via Facebook/Mohd Fadli Salleh.

“Even as we grow older and go back to our mom’s home, the first question she asks us is not ‘How are you?’ or ‘Have you eaten?’, it’s ‘Did you bring back my Tupperware?’,” wrote one user.

Another user, who seemed to be a wife with a grudge, shared her story of how she still remembers the exact date when her husband lost her Tupperware tiffin carrier set at work.

“On August 13, 2015, my sweet husband left behind the entire tiffin set of Tupperware’s at his workplace in Cheras. When he got him, he said he forgot it. Till this day, he feels the regret of that mistake, even though he has replaced it,” wrote the user.

While other users were more focused on the fact that the “Tupperware” water bottle, wasn’t even a Tupperware brand in the first place.

A Facebook user points out that it was actually an Eplas bottle instead of a Tupperware. — Screengrab via Facebook/Mohd Fadli Salleh.

Although it wasn’t the dreaded “Tupperware” after all, Fadli said that it didn’t matter what brand of water bottle it was, as losing a water bottle would mean the end of him.

Fadli said: “It doesn’t matter if it’s a Tupperware or not, it’s still scary if you leave it behind. If I had told Asyraff to leave it, it’d be like signing my own death warrant.”

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