FDNY Firefighter Memorialized in Queens

Police and firefighters escorted the body of a fallen FDNY firefighter through Brooklyn on Friday morning, April 29, days after he was killed responding to a three-alarm fire in Canarsie.

Timothy P Klein was critically injured as he responded to a three-alarm fire on Avenue N in Brooklyn on Sunday, April 24, the FDNY said. The 31-year-old Queens resident, a six-year veteran of the department, is survived by three sisters, his mother, and his father, retired FDNY firefighter Patrick Klein, the FDNY Foundation said.

His funeral, held at the Church of Saint Francis DeSales in Belle Harbor, Queens, was streamed live by the FDNY on Friday morning. Video shows the procession from Brooklyn passing rows of first responders. Credit: FDNY via Storyful

Video transcript




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