Faye Wong and Li Yapeng send daughter to a Swiss private school

27 Sep – Although it was largely known that former married couple Faye Wong and Li Yapeng sent their daughter Li Yan to study abroad, it was only recently that the public found out about the school she is attending.

As reported on Epoch Times, netizens recently broke the news that Li Yan has actually been studying at the Collège Alpin International Beau Soleil - a private school situated in Ollon, Switzerland - after the school posted a photo of a group of students on its Instagram account.

The photo, which also include Li Yan, was captioned, "Creativity thrives when our students work together on a team."

According to sources, the private school, which was founded in 1910, can cost up to HKD 850,000 in annual tuition. With only 250 students, the school is equipped with many luxurious facilities that include spacious dorm rooms, indoor and outdoor courts, a gymnasium, swimming pool, a rock-climbing centre, as well as a library.

It also provides one teacher for every four students, enabling them to have the most attention in their studies.

Li Yan is not the only daughter of the songstress who studied overseas. Li Yan's half-sister Leah, who is the daughter of Faye and musician Dou Wei, previously studied music in California.

(Photo Source: Asia One)