Fawn Uses Sprinkler to Cool Off in Washington Backyard

A fawn took advantage of a sprinkler system to beat the summer heat at a Washington home.

Footage by Brandy Jones, who lives in Bremerton, shows the baby deer cooling off using the sprinkler in her backyard.

The animal first uses it to have a drink, before drenching its coat in the refreshing water.

Jones told Storyful that it was the first time she has seen a deer use the sprinkler in such a way.

“We have quite a few deer in our yard year round. We currently have four fawns that visit, but this is the only one that will go anywhere near the sprinkler,” Jones said.

“We have seen her drink out of the sprinkler a few different times now. We have also seen her around the sprinkler when it wasn’t on, waiting for it to come on,” she added. Credit: Brandy Jones via Storyful

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