Fawn Injured by Fence is Nursed Back to Health by Texas Couple

A couple in Gonzales, Texas, said they were helping a young deer recover after they found it tangled and injured in a fence in early November.

Rachel Burlock, who posts regularly on TikTok about her horse rescue farm, shared video on November 10 showing the fawn with its foot caught inside wire fencing and shrieking in pain.

Burlock told Storyful that they found the deer after her husband “heard weird cries that sounded like a goat coming from an area on the ranch.”

After using wire cutters to help free the deer, Burlock said they bandaged up its wounds and let the deer recover inside their home.

“We clean and treat his wound twice daily and he is thriving off of a diet of oats, apples, alfalfa and natural forage collected from the ranch,” Burlock told Storyful on Monday, November 14.

The little deer was “finally getting up and walking” they were “hoping he will be ready to go by next week,” she added. Credit: @texashorsegirl via Storyful