Our favorite JRPG of the year is getting DLC that links to its Metroidvania predecessor

 Sea of Stars
Sea of Stars

Sea of Stars is getting DLC, in much the same fashion that developer Sabotage's previous game did.

Speaking on Radio Canada last week, Sea of Stars game director Thierry Boulanger said DLC is very much in the works for the new RPG (as reported by Kakuchopurei). Developer Sabotage currently has one team working on a new project, while a smaller team is investigating DLC for Sea of Stars.

This is much the same process for what happened following The Messenger in 2018. The smash-hit Metroidvania's popularity caused Sabotage to put out the Picnic Panic DLC the following year in 2019, while the vast majority of its development forces moves over to the game that would become Sea of Stars.

It's worth noting that Sabotage actually did pledge to make DLC for Sea of Stars on its Kickstarter campaign with a stretch goal, which it met with over $1.6 million Canadian Dollars raised. The DLC is going to be completely free for anyone who pledged enough to receive a copy of Sea of Stars at launch.

Called "Throes of the Watchmaker," Sabotage never said much about the DLC at the time of its announcement, but confirmed it as a "fully fledged side-adventure DLC." The DLC would also "expand even more on the world of Sea of Stars and provide additional insight on the narrative overarching all of our games."

It sounds like the Throes of the Watchmaker DLC will tie together The Messenger and Sea of Stars. The latter is actually a prequel for the former game, so it shouldn't be a stretch for Sabotage to let the post-launch DLC link up the two games together in one neat bow. Perhaps the mysterious new game that Sabotage is working on could further continue the two games in some fashion.

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