Fauzi Nawawi rape joke: Seniman says producers should be held accountable too, talk show host Shuk apologises

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The Malaysian actor made headlines this week after revealing he enjoyed filming a rape scene in a 2007 film. — Picture from Instagram/Fauzi Nawawi
The Malaysian actor made headlines this week after revealing he enjoyed filming a rape scene in a 2007 film. — Picture from Instagram/Fauzi Nawawi

PETALING JAYA, Oct 22 — The producers who greenlit the segment of Fauzi Nawawi’s disturbing views on filming rape scenes should be held responsible, the Association of Malaysian Artists (Seniman) said.

Its president Zed Zaidi, whose real name is Rozaidi Abdul Jamil, said the blame should not be placed entirely on the 48-year-old actor, Harian Metro reported.

Zed condemned the recent incident where Fauzi admitted he enjoyed filming a rape scene on the Astro talk show Rumah No. 107.

Astro Warna, which aired the programme earlier this week, issued an apology following public outrage.

Zed said the controversy painted the entertainment industry in a bad light.

“There are guidelines that need to be followed before airing a talk show.

“If the producers are not aware of this (guidelines), their license should be revoked or barred.

“They should be aware, the goal does not legitimise the means,” Zed said, adding that the dignity of others should be respected.

“Yes it is true, Fauzi is wrong because of what he said, however, he is not the only one who is at fault but everyone else involved.

“I believe the production was informed about ethics and ‘taboos’ that need to be observed before recording the programme,” Zed said.

He explained that the production team should be punished seeing that the show was not a “live” broadcast.

Seniman was earlier criticised by the public after the association was accused of only providing a platform for men to voice their views on rape jokes.

Meanwhile, Shuk Sahar followed in his co-host Khir Rahman’s footsteps and issued an apology.

During the segment, Shuk spurred on Fauzi to explain the scene in detail because “he wanted to imagine it”.

The deejay whose real name is Mohammad Shukri Mohamed Sahar promised to be more careful in future conversations.

Fauzi’s latest TikTok message. — Screengrab from TikTok
Fauzi’s latest TikTok message. — Screengrab from TikTok

“From the bottom of my heart, I would like to apologise to all who were hurt after watching the programme,” he said in a Harian Metro report.

“I had no intention whatsoever.”

The actor Fauzi infuriated Malaysians after revealing he had to control his lust while filming a rape scene with actress Raja Farah Raja Aziz for the 2007 film Anak Halal.

After a two-minute clip of his interview made the rounds online, Fauzi took to Instagram to apologise to Farah, her family and the public.

The actor has since deleted his public mea culpa but went on to post a cryptic message seemingly aimed at his critics.

“God won’t forgive the critics until the person (who was criticised) has forgiven them. Be careful,” the caption read.

Fauzi also posted a message on TikTok today, saying his life isn’t perfect and that he’s proud of his mistakes.

“I’m proud that I make mistakes and I’m happy I have my problems in life.

“It reminds me I’m real,” he wrote.

The incident has once again shed light on the casualisation of rape and men’s attitudes towards sexual assault that prompted a barrage of criticism from women’s groups, actresses, athletes and Malaysians from all walks of life.

In May this year, a 17-year-old female student called out her physical education teacher for making a rape joke which led to public anger and police investigation.

The teenager in return received an expulsion warning from her school and was slapped with an RM1 million lawsuit by the teacher on grounds of defamation.

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