Fauzi Nawawi apologises for rape joke

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21 Oct – Fauzi Nawawi is saying sorry following the backlash he received for an old interview that he did on a talk show, where he shared his experience of acting a rape scene involving another actress, Raja Farah who was still a teenager at the time.

The actor, who took to social media to express his apology, stated that he wasn't sure why the clip of the interview went viral recently when it had been aired a long time ago, but that he is sorry to "those who were offended".

"Especially Raja Farah, her husband and the rest of her family. I [also] apologise for the delay in uploading the apology for being busy with work and only finding out about this news at night," he said.

In the same breath, Fauzi also stated that he accepted all criticisms. Fauzi stated that he was wrong in not controlling what came out of his mouth at the time and accidentally mentioned the actress by name. However, he did not understand why the production team decided not to cut out any sensitive remarks which he made during the recording and why the said interview has since turned viral as it had already been aired twice.

On the other hand, 33-year-old actress Raja Farah stated that the interview really affected her as a mother and a married woman, while her husband Iskandar Ismail added that Fauzi should not have said those things.

"I don't want to prolong this issue, but the actor should not have expressed those words... But I do believe that he might have not intended it, and that he has regretted his action," Iskandar said.

In the said interview, Fauzi joked about having the face suitable for antagonistic roles. He went and stated that he loves playing robbers and rapists, and was excited to work on a rape scene that involved the said actress.

On the other hand, netizens' reactions to the apology were mixed, with the majority saying that the subject of rape should not even be joked or be taken lightly in the first place. Others blamed the people involved in the production for not editing that part out during the production process.

(Photo Source: Cinema Online, Fauzi Nawawi Instagram)

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