Father and Son Mandalorian Enthusiasts Create Epic IG-11 Costume

An Alberta family of comic-convention enthusiasts will be more than ready when mass gatherings resume, showing off their amazing homemade costume of the IG-11 droid from the Star Wars franchise TV show The Mandalorian.

Jason Zackowski and his 15-year-old son Adam built the homage to the IG-11, an assassin droid from the Disney+ television series.

“Can you aim the gun pretty good?” Zackowski can be heard saying to his son, as Adam moves the gun upwards, in the video uploaded to Instagram on November 15.

Jason Zackowski described IG-11 as “very tricky to build,” as the character is, according to Zackowski, “NOT shaped like a human.” Made of 3-D printed pieces and floor foam, the costume was nonetheless “super fun” to make, Zackowski told Storyful.

Zackowski told Storyful that he is looking forward to bringing the costume to comic cons when they reopen once more. Credit: Jason Zackowski via Storyful