Father finishes 21km run with child who has cerebral palsy, celebrating her 15th birthday (VIDEO)

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 4 — A father and daughter duo has warmed the hearts of social media users after they finished a 21-kilometre half marathon run together.

The father, Wira Sudepja Rabu shared a video on his social media recently. It showed him pushing his daughter, Nur Wadihan or better known as Dihan, in a special carriage at the recent Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon (KLSCM).

Dihan has a severe form of cerebral palsy and is unable to move her limbs, speak or feed herself independently. However, she has a loving dad who wants to provide the very best for her and that includes making her laugh as she enjoys outdoor activities.

In the one-minute video, Dihan can be seen expressing her excitement as Wira pushes her during the half-marathon throughout the KL city with the help of a friend.

Wira also shared in the video that a reason for their KLSCM participation is to create special moments in conjunction with Dihan's 15th birthday.

As the duo inched closer to the finish line, Wira carried Dihan in his arms and they finished the race together while onlookers can be heard cheering them on.

Via his Instagram, Wira shared that they managed to finish the marathon in three hours and 47 minutes.

Talking to Harian Metro, Wira vows to keep creating special moments with his daughter for as long as he can.

“There was supposed to be a double celebration this year, with the first one being an uphill-cycling activity in Lenggong, Perak. However, she was not well at the time and had to be warded.

“Alhamdulillah, we managed to bring her to participate in this half marathon. I really want to create special moments with her.

“Although she couldn’t fully comprehend what's happening, we can see the excitement on her face. Seeing her laugh is truly priceless,” Wira said.

Wira added that he and Dihan have been participating in outdoor activities since she was six and the run went smoothly for them as he had prepared all of Dihan’s needs in advance.

Wira’s video on TikTok has garnered over 700,000 views with over 60,000 likes, as social media users were touched by the video.

“Oh my god, it’s my lunch hour, why do you make me cry,” commented user revertintrovert.

“Best dad ever!” added user Fadhlie Jaffar.

“You are one of the greatest fathers I’ve ever seen. God bless you and your super hero daughter!” commented user DRyan.

In 2018, the father and daughter duo made headlines after Dihan was inducted into the Malaysia Book of Records as the first child with cerebral palsy to complete a duathlon, after finishing the Kerian Incredible Duathlon.