Fatalities Reported After House Explosion in Pottstown, Pennsylvania

At least four people were killed when a home exploded in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, on the evening of May 26, according to local officials.

In a short press conference, Pottstown Borough Manager Justin Keller said multiple people were injured and two additional people remained unaccounted for.

This footage, filmed by Becky Gardner, shows residents walking towards the wreckage, as emergency vehicles rush past. It was unclear what caused the explosion. Credit: Becky Gardner via Storyful

Video transcript

- A big explosion. And there's ash all raining down. What was it? I don't know.

- The people over there said they think it might have been a health facility.

- Oh, my gosh, do you see all the ash?

- Yeah. All the video of the ash from the sky.

- All over our back--

- Yeah, that's why I think it was-- that's why I think it was a plane. I mean, I don't want to be--

- No, the smell. What's that?

- Well, they don't know.

- Let's go to the school maybe.

- I'll go down the alleyway.

- Well, let's go one more block. Let's go one more block.

- 'Cause I mean, if heard it, if we smelled it from two blocks--

- Three blocks.

- Three blocks?

- Or it could be like gas.

- I don't smell gas, though.

- Smell like fireworks.

- Yeah.

- Yes.

- Maybe it was a giant fireworks.

- Get back in your house.

- Get back in your house, she said. Do you guys know what it was?

- No.

- No idea.


- Oh, this is crazy!

- Something exploded. Nobody knows what it was. It's the whole neighborhood, the whole town just shook like a bomb exploded. I don't even know. Very scary.


That's four blocks away and we could feel it.

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