Farmers in Moradabad forced to sell vegetables outside their fields

Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh) [India], June 14 (ANI): Unable to bear transportation cost due to impact of coronavirus lockdown, farmers in Suraj Nagar area in Moradabad are selling vegetables on roads near their fields.

Jahangir, a vegetable vendor, said, "We are buying vegetables directly from the fields. We are facing a lot of problems. Farmers are also selling vegetables here."

Another one, named Shyamlal, said, "We are facing problems in going to the mandi. We are unable to recover the cost of transportation if we go there. So, we sell vegetables here only. Not many people are coming to buy, still, we are managing."

Meanwhile, farmers also reiterated the same and said that they cannot bear the transportation cost if they will go to vegetable markets.

"We are unable to sell the vegetables in mandi. That is why we are selling the vegetables on road. People are coming here only to buy vegetables," said Balbir, a farmer.

A lady farmer said, "We sell the vegetables here only outside the field. If we will go to mandi then it will cost more money. People now come here and buy from us. (ANI)