Farmer Uncovers Nest in Hay Bales as Mouse Plague Grips Regional New South Wales

Nests of mice caused havoc in rural homes and farms near Forbes, in New South Wales, on March 16.

A plague of mice has been tormenting residents and farmers for a number of weeks, with recent reports stating that hospital patients in the region had been bitten by mice.

In video uploaded to Facebook by Lucy Cambourn, mice can be seen scuttling around hay bales in a shed. Cambourn told Storyful that this was the first mouse plague she had experienced in her eight years of living at the property near Forbes.

“The mice are everywhere here. We have a cat in our house, so she has kept them out for the most part, but they have started showing up inside now too. And we can hear them in the walls and the ceiling every night, scampering around,” she said. Credit: Lucy Cambourn via Storyful