Farmer maintains land in Dubai’s summer heat

STORY: This farmer is battling Dubai’s intense summer heat

ahead of the busy agricultural season starting in September

Location: Dubai, UAE

(Mohammed Aissaoui, Myfarm CEO and founder)

“During summer, we have also, you see the temperature is going high, the humidity is high, so the issue we have even now, you can hear the sound of the wind and when you have the heat plus the wind, it is like a hair dryer for the plant.”

“We use the summertime for maintenance, so we are going to use those two, three, four months to feed the land with the compost, we are going to do all the maintenance, the pipe, the valve, whatever needs to be changed, so we have the full season (starting September) to run the farm and to not focus on this maintenance.”

Aissaoui opened ‘Myfarm’ in the middle of the desert in 2018

He grows produce from around the world

to encourage locally-grown food instead of imports

“This is one the most important thing is to do the seed selection, the seed selection, the irrigation system, the wind direction, all of that together is going to allow us to work here in the middle of the desert.”

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