Farmer Assesses Damage to Land Following Fire Amid Record-Breaking Heat

A farmer in South Yorkshire assessed the damage done to his land after a fire broke out as the country experienced record-breaking high temperatures on Tuesday, July 19.

Footage shared by Burden’s Hay and Haylage shows burned fields and crops near Rotherham. The business said Tuesday was not a “normal farming day” and that property on the farm had also been damaged.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue declared a “major incident” due to the demand on services from fires across the county. The service said fires posing a risk to life and property would be prioritised.

Temperatures reached 39 degrees Celsius (102 degrees Fahrenheit) in Rotherham on Tuesday, while other parts of the UK experienced record-setting heat of over 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit), the Met Office said. Credit: Burden’s Hay and Haylage via Storyful

Video transcript

- Don't know what you'll be able to see after this, really. It's quite a lot of damage to a fire today. What it was? Oilseed raped. Field of ours.

See that gap? A few acres burned there. We managed to get out with ourselves and a bit of help from the local farmers. Nick Grayson and his lads. Noble's and a few of the local gamekeepers, as you can see.

Just don't have great options now. We've lost two full fields of wheat and then some of that field as well. Managed to get a break in it to put it out. And as you can see now, Noble's just going on one tanker. And there' two tankers that we ride on.

Just making sure that all edge sides are out. And Noble's are also. And this field burned. Luckily we got sure off it yesterday or maybe day before. And then just a bit further up, their field is burned, a [INAUDIBLE].

And yet it stopped, obviously. All the edges and everything burned. And the fire is maybe still going over the road. I'm going over to walk it out and just see how it is. And can we just ask people just to be a bit more aware of what's going off.

I know it's extreme heat, as they keep telling us, but it's just that-- it's the thing that's just funny, when you're got a really warped sense of humor. People worked hard all year for this. Hopefully, everyone's fully insured.

But it still don't make it any better. I'm sure they'd rather get [INAUDIBLE], see rewards for their hard work than have insurance payments go up next year and get paid out by insurance this year. And just need to be a bit more aware.

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