Farid Kamil wants to be able to communicate with ex-wife

25 Aug - Farid Kamil recently expressed hope that he would one day communicate with his ex-wife Diana Danielle.

The actor, whose ten-year marriage with the actress ended recently, stated that all he wanted was for their relationship to get back to normal for the sake of their two children.

"After what had happened, I am thankful that God has given me guidance. I've just gone on suluk and this is the way that I have been looking for, he said.

As for the custody of the children, Farid stated that he wishes them happiness with Diana, who now has full custody of them.

Saying that he has accepted the divorce, and the fact that this is fated for him, the actor added, "I just want to be grateful for all that has given to me by God."

Farid and Diana tied the knot in November 2012. The marriage was officially ended on 10 August.

Farid left the custody of their two kids to Diana
Farid left the custody of their two kids to Diana

(Photo Source: Farid Kamil IG)