Farid Kamil has no qualms leaving showbiz

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3 Jun – Farid Kamil recently admitted that he has no qualms retiring from showbiz and is ready to do so at anytime.

The actor, who spoke to the media at the virtual press conference of the upcoming drama, "Masih Ada Rindu" stated that his decision has nothing to do with his previous scandal, but that he would do so when he is no longer needed in the industry.

"As an actor, your instrument is your body. If you can no longer make the same "melody", then that's where the dividing point is," he said.

Farid has two children with actress Diana Danielle
Farid has two children with actress Diana Danielle

Another reason for him being okay with not acting anymore is the fact that he has almost fulfilled his showbiz dream.

"My dream was to star in 100 films. To this day, I have starred in 60 films, another six will equal the record of the late Tan Sri P Ramlee," he said. "After all, how far can an actor survive as a leading man in Malaysia?"

Among Farid's most notable films include "Remp-It" (2006), "Anak Halal" (2007), "Evolusi KL Drift" (2008) and the "Lagenda Budak Setan" series of movies. His last TV drama was starring alongside Lisa Surihani in "Pelindung Seorang Puteri".

On the other hand, "Masih Ada Rindu" will co-star Mimi Lana, Dayang Areeda, Halim Radzi and Fahmy Reza.

Farid's last drama was 2020's 'Pelindung Seorang Puteri'
Farid's last drama was 2020's 'Pelindung Seorang Puteri'

(Photo Source: Farid Kamil Instagam, Nad Media)

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