Fans turn up at sellout Golden Girls restaurant in L.A.

STORY: Welcome to The Golden Girls Kitchen

Location: Beverly Hills, California

The pop-up eatery is inspired by the beloved American sitcom

'The Golden Girls'

[Derek Berry, Pop-up organizer Bucket List]

"This is the main attraction. This is the primo of the pop up. So, of course, you're looking at the very famous Golden Girls set here. No details missed.. The garlic clove, the calendar, the cake molds. Of course, this painting, we couldn't just do any old painting. We had to have the exact one, the yellow phone, the exact amount of cabinets. Those little details were so important. The Golden Girls fan knows what they're looking for, and if we didn't really put that extra effort in. I don't think it would have went this far, so no detail was spared. We really made sure we recreated it."

'The Golden Girls' first aired on NBC in 1985

starring Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, Estelle Getty and Betty White

[Debra Reed, "The Golden Girls" fan]

"How could you not want to come here? We're golden girls. We're all sisters. We drove all the way from Scottsdale, Arizona, to be here today. And so, yes, we had to come. We are fans for a long, long time."

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