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Some Fans of 'Titanic' Think Jack Dawson Was Actually From the Future

Everyone loves a good plot twist — which is why the Internet has come up with so many elaborate fan theories about everything. Dedicated fans will waste no time analyzing every little detail in a work of art, and movies, of course, are no exception; after all, there could be all kinds of hidden meanings and Easter eggs you miss while watching a good flick! Luckily, we've scoured the deepest parts of the Internet to find the most fascinating and mind-blowing fan theories about your favorite classic films and childhood movies.

While some of these fan theories simply speculate about a character or a specific scene in a film, others completely change the way we look at the entire plot of the movie and even the expanded franchise. No matter how far-fetched and outrageous they seem, they always have some bit of evidence that prove the theory might just be possible. Who would've thought that a super-dark theory about Grease could actually make sense, or that one fan theory about Inception can make its plot even more complicated and mind-bending? No matter what kind of movie is your jam, here are 20 insane fan theories about famous movies that will definitely blow your mind.

Some Fans of 'Titanic' Think Jack Dawson Was Actually From the Future

Just take a look at Jack Dawson's out-of-place hairstyle and fashion for the time period.

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