Drew Barrymore kneels before trans Tiktoker Dylan Mulvaney in emotional show segment

Fans have praised a sweet moment between Drew Barrymore and Dylan Mulvaney, which saw the TV host kneel in front of the TikToker as she opened up about finding joy in the transgender community.

During a recent episode of the The Drew Barrymore Show, Mulvaney spoke to the TV host about the hatred that has been directed towards the trans community and how she plans to support her peers amid it.

“I think the greatest weapon that I can contribute is trans joy and comedy and talking about hard subjects, and really intercute moments of a transition,” Mulvaney. “And try to let everybody in to see that I’m not a monster. I’m not somebody that is trying to do anything but be myself.”

After the TikToker praised her “chosen family,” she also noted that it’s important to make sure that she’s not “putting something out there” about herself until she’s ready. Barrymore then leaned towards her and held her hand, before the influencer praised the actor.

“It’s interesting cause I look at someone like you, and I can’t imagine anyone disliking you,” Mulvaney told the Charlie’s Angels star. As she responded with “oh please,” Barrymore proceeded to kneel down to the floor infront of Mulvaney, while still holding her hand.

The actor then shared her candid thoughts on her own self-esteem, adding: “Do you want to know who, ironically, dislikes me the most sometimes?..Myself.” Mulvaney confessed that she’s felt the same way about herself, as she gave Barrymore a hug and sat on the floor with her.

Mulvaney then asked Barrymore how she combats online hate that she’s faced in her business. In response, Barrymore recalled how reading reviews of her movies taught her a lesson, explaining: “If you read reviews, just like on social media, you are pretty much guaranteed a 50/50, some like it, some don’t. So you’ve got to be willing to bare down and brace for it.”

The influencer agreed, expressing that the greatest response to online hate could be in “the next joyous video” or “next wind” that Barrymore has.

On Twitter, many fans have applauded the sweet moment and the candid conversation between the pair about the transgender community.

“Drew Barrymore is on her knees because she’s WISE - she is humbled by how hateful and violent society has become toward trans humans and drops down with love and reverence and humility saying YOU DESERVE MORE and I LOVE YOU,” one viewer wrote.

“People are people. We should all remember that ALL people have value and ALL people should be afforded the respect they deserve. Kudos to Drew Barrymore for helping to push the envelope - and society - forward,” another added.

“I love what Drew Barrymore has brought to her talk show and it was lovely to see her and Dylan Mulvaney chatting on her show,” a third said. “These two are just big bright balls of positive energy.”

Other fans continued to praise Barrymore for her empathy, and for not letting online hate prevent her from speaking her mind.

“Drew Barrymore is an icon of empathy and compassion, let alone an iconic Hollywood sweetheart,” one fan wrote. “Hateful people are going to spew ignorant, judgmental sh** no matter what. More people should be like #DrewBarrymore.”

“Drew Barrymore is a genuinely loving individual. She is beautiful and sees beauty everywhere. She believes in kindness and compassion,” another wrote.

Mulvaney’s conversation with Barrymore isn’t her first time opening up about her experiences as a transgender woman. During an interview with People earlier this month, the influencer, who identifies as queer and who has been documenting her journey on TikTok, explained why her transition journey has given her a new opportunity to approach dating in a different light.

“I very much feel like I get a do-over as far as some of those negative experiences that I have had romantically,” she said. “And I want to do it right this time.”