Fans praise Alexandra Daddario as she shares nude photo from mountain vacation: ‘An angel’

Fans have praisedWhite Lotus star Alexandra Daddario for the latest vacation photos she’s shared on Instagram.

The 37-year-old actor took to her social media account on Sunday to share three photos from her trip. The series of images began with a blurry mirror selfie of Daddario, taken from a polaroid camera as she sat on a white bed.

She proceeded to hold the camera up over her face, with her knees and legs crossed to cover the top half of her body as she posed nude.

In addition to this selfie, Daddario shared two landscape photos of a few mountains without specifying the destination of her trip. She also kept her caption simple, including only a snow mountain emoji.

As of 5 June, the photo has more than 1.2m views, with people in the comments praising Daddario’s nude selfie.

“An angel,” one wrote, while another added: “ALEXA YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL I LOVE YOU.”

A third wrote: “Fabulous,” along with multiple fire emojis.

Other people pointed out how the Instagram post immediately went viral, with one writing: “And the internet melts down…”

Last year, the Baywatch star also went viral when she shared a different nude photo from her vacation on Instagram. In October, she shared a photo of herself naked in a pool and with her back turned, as the photographer’s thumb covered her butt.

The post also included a second picture of her splashing water while nude, but she was deeper in the pool. In the caption, the actor wrote: “Take a vacation from your problems, Bob.”

In December of last year, she spoke candidly about fans’ responses to her physical appearance after seeing her on TV. During an interview with Men’s Journal, she expressed how filming nude for True Detective ultimately shaped her career going forward.

“For example, when True Detective came out and I was naked on the show, and it was huge for my career and the phone was ringing and I got some work off of it, I think that I hadn’t been that aware of my sex appeal prior to that,” Daddario explained.

She acknowledged that she tries not to take people’s opinions about her “too seriously”, whether they’re commenting about her latest project or a red carpet appearance.

“I really love what I do. I happen to have a lot of fun with getting dressed up and playing roles, and even on red carpets, I’m kind of playing a role,” she added. “And it’s great, it’s fun, but I think it can be negative, some of the attention, and so I try to ignore some of the more negative aspects of it.”