Fans Pack Stadium for Ukraine-Scotland World Cup Qualifier in Glasgow

Glasgow’s Hampden Park was packed on June 1 as Ukraine secured a 3-1 victory against Scotland in an emotional World Cup qualifier game, and the team’s first match since the Russian invasion.

Footage captured by Ryan Meston shows scenes before and during the game.

In a post-match address, Ukraine manager Oleksandr Petrakov said: “I have no emotions. All my emotions are left on the football pitch. This victory was not for me or the players, it was for the country. This is a big win for Ukraine,” according to a translation by Sky Sports.

“We played for those who fight in the trenches, who fight with their last drop of blood,” Petrakov said.

Ukraine will now face Wales for a place at the finals in Qatar. Credit: Ryan Meston via Storyful

Video transcript


- And number 22, Mr. Aaron Hickey!


- (SINGING) But I'll take the low road. And I'll be--


- (CHANTING) Scotland! Scotland! Scotland! Scotland! Scotland!


- Oh!


- And number 22, now, Mr. Aaron Hickey!

- (SINGING) And I'll take the low road. And I'll be--


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