Fans love how supportive Taylor Swift was of ex-boyfriend Harry Styles during 2023 Grammys

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift have been praised as displaying friendship goals after the former couple was seen supporting one another during the 2023 Grammys.

On Sunday 5 February, Styles, 29, and Swift, 33, who dated briefly between 2012 and 2013, reunited at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. During the ceremony, the pair was photographed talking in the crowd, with photos showing Styles and Swift exchanging a fist bump.

“Now this is a another historic #Grammys moment. During Steve Lacy’s performance, Taylor Swift snuck over to talk to Harry Styles. They hug and talk for a long time over his table,” The Hollywood Reporter‘s Chris Gardner tweeted, along with a video of the encounter.

Swift also proudly supported Styles at other key moments during the awards show, including during his performance of “As It Was,” which saw her dancing in the audience.

The “Anti-Hero” singer also stood as Styles accepted the award for Album of the Year, even as he was heckled with chants of Beyoncé from members of the audience. In one video, taken from the stage of the moment, Swift could be seen standing to listen to Styles’ acceptance speech, before the singer looked down briefly as the heckling continued. “This makes me so sad that people just can’t respect who won and move on instead of trying to ruin people’s moment,” the caption on the TikTok video reads.

On social media, the clear displays of support were met with praise from fans of Swift and Styles, who were happy to see the former couple on good terms.

“Seeing Taylor Swift still supportive of Harry Styles after all these years is something so special to me,” one person tweeted.

Another said: “Love this. True friends support their friends. #TaylorSwift #HarryStyles.”

“Their interactions are the best,” someone else said.

Others were especially fond of the fist bump exchanged by Swift and Styles, with one person joking that they’d stayed up late to watch the encounter. “How do I explain I’m tired tomorrow bc I stayed up til midnight to watch Harry Styles and Taylor Swift fist bump?” they wrote.

“Seeing Taylor Swift and Harry Styles fist bump was not on my Grammys bingo card but I’ll take it,” someone else tweeted.

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While fans enjoyed all of the little moments shared between the pair, the gesture that stood out as especially meaningful was Swift’s decision to stand for Styles’ acceptance speech despite the heckling and the fact most of the audience had remained seated.

According to some, Swift expressed her support for Styles at the moment because she knows what it is like to be interrupted on stage. Swift was infamously interrupted by Kanye West during the 2009 VMAs after she beat out Beyoncé for the Best Female Video award.

“Taylor knowing exactly how he feels. I can’t imagine working hard and having people boo me for winning,” one person wrote underneath a video of Swift standing for Styles’ speech, while another said: “Taylor Swift knows how this feels so she is supporting him.”

“Taylor is so real for standing,” someone else wrote. “I live for their friendship.”

During the awards ceremony, Swift won the Grammy for Best Music Video, short form, for “All Too Well,” while styles won the awards for Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album for his third studio album, “Harry’s House.”