Fans Are Losing It Over HGTV's New Show Announcement

hosts ray and eilyn jimenez, as seen on divided by design, season 1
Fans Are Losing It Over This HGTV NewsCourtesy HGTV

HGTV just announced a brand-new show coming to the network this summer, and fans can't contain their excitement! The new design-centric show, Divided by Design, stars Ray and Eilyn Jiminez, two Miami-based designers who also happened to be married. You may also recognize the couple from their 2022 Netflix show Designing Miami.

The kicker: They run rival design agencies! In Divided by Design, Ray and Eilyn will battle it out for design clients and viewers will watch along as the winner completes their design transformation.

“We do the exact same thing, but we don’t work together. We’re the competition,” Ray said in a press release. “But regardless of who wins a client, we’re here to support each other no matter what.”

While they're both designers, their style and taste are very different. Ray prefers modern style elements while Eilyn incorporates Old World influences in her timeless designs.

"When clients reach out to both of us, we bid for the same jobs,” Eilyn told HGTV. “However, Ray and I have different design perspectives and approaches when it comes to each project. I wouldn’t want to be competing against anyone else besides my better half.”

HGTV recently announced the new show which will premiere Monday, June 10.

Fans sounded off in the comments, expressing their excitement for HGTV's latest addition.

"My favs! Great choice @hgtv can’t wait to watch it!," "Loved them on Netflix. Definitely tuning in" and "Omggggggg my favorite latino power couple!," fans wrote. "🙌 so excited to watch them on HGTV!!!" and "They are awesome watched them on Netflix👏👏👏," others chimed in.

Ahead of the June 10, premiere fans can get a feel for HGTV's newest power couple with their previous show Designing Miami, streaming on Netflix now.

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