Fans of K-pop star Jackson Wang worried after idol said to have solicited sex workers

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 23 — Fans of Chinese singer and member of South Korean boyband GOT7, Jackson Wang are worried could be the next cancelled act.

A video purportedly made by his fans showing them pleading with their idol not to destroy his reputation has been making its rounds on social media, 8days reported.

While Wang has yet to respond to the clip, a social media user claiming to work for a broadcasting station added fuel to the fire by alleging that their station had received a directive to remove all of Wang's contents.

The person's claim was, however, debunked when checks by other social media users on China's search engines found that content featuring Wang was still available.

This did not slow down rumours, as a brand previously thought to be taking Wang to be its ambassador ended up picking nother celebrity instead, with word being that the celebrity was bypassed due to negative publicity.

Fans have reason to worry about their idol as Wang's name has been linked to Chinese actor Li Yifeng over solicitation of sex workers.

Chinese influencer Hu Wan posted on her social media that 17 male celebrities had solicited the services of sex workers following Li's arrest, Jayne Stars reported.

While she did not name them directly, she said their last names start with L, W, C, H, and Z , leaving many to zero in on Wang.