Fans gush over sweet moment woman realises Prince Harry is offering to take her photo with Meghan

Fans have swooned over the sweet moment caught on camera of a woman’s delayed realisation that Prince Harry was standing in front of her.

While at the 2023 Invictus Games, an international multi-sport affair held for injured and sick servicemen and women, in Düsseldorf, Germany, Meghan Markle posed for a photo with an excited woman on the sidelines. The Duchess of Sussex joined her husband at the event donning a sleek J Crew black and white matching set, which later crashed the retailer’s website.

As Meghan bent over to smile for a selfie with the woman and her son, the Duke of Sussex approached the group, offering to snap the photo for them. Without hesitation or careful examination of the man in front of her, the mother offered her phone to Harry. Only when she looked up to make direct eye contact did she realise it was the duke who had volunteered to take their picture.

Immediately, the woman suggested the four of them pose together and handed her phone to a volunteer nearby. She smiled wide sandwiched between the royal couple with her son stationed in front of her and Meghan.

The TikTok account shared the sweet moment online, where it prompted a massive audience to gush over the encounter. Many viewers took to the comments, noting how happy they were to see the footage.

“This always makes me feel so good inside,” one person wrote, while another said: “Prince Harry: just casually interrupting a photo session.”

“He’s such an amazing man. Harry forever. He’s so much like his beautiful mommy,” one TikTok user pointed out.

Another fan remarked: “I love how Harry’s comfortable in himself to let his wife have her moments...”

“Harry is a humble human being,” another commentor proclaimed.

Meghan addressed over 1,600 comeptitors to apologise for her late arrival at the games earlier this week. “It’s so special to be here and I’m sorry I’m a little late for the party,” the duchess said.

The couple’s appearance together at Invictus comes after Harry attended the WellChild Awards in the UK by himself. A longtime supporter of the national charity which aids sick children and their families – Harry spoke at the reception and conversed with individuals afterward.

Speaking to one family, he expressed his wife’s sorrow that she couldn’t be with him to celebrate all the brave children and strong-willed parents who’ve helped them. Harry said Meghan was “very upset that she couldn’t be here” before their “busy week,” according to a Hello! Magazine report.

Following the organisation’s awards, Harry ventured over to the resting place of Queen Elizabeth on the first anniversary of her death.