Fans gather for Olympic triathlon relay

Organizers have banned spectators from all of Tokyo 2020's ticketed venues due to COVID-19, but some events taking place on roads or in an open areas, such as road cycling or triathlon, have attracted spectators keen to catch a glimpse of the athletes in action.

The mixed relay race, was making its first appearance at an Olympics on Saturday.

The event was won by the British team, the U.S. came second and the French team came third.

Josh Norris, 49, an Australian travel agent based in Nagano, traveled down especially to see the race.

Others carried flags, held signs or rang bells in support. Children were put on shoulders.

"The athletes are working so hard. There are of coursemany people among those who were against the Olympics. Some ended up gettingbehind the Olympics even if they initially opposed to it," said Yukari Hosaka, a Tokyo resident who also came out to watch the race.

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