Fans detail experience at Coldplay's first performance in Malaysia, Chris Martin recites poem in Bahasa Melayu

Known for their anthemic hits and captivating concerts, the band treated the crowd to an unforgettable night despite heavy rain

A picture of the crowd at Malaysia's Bukit Jalil National Stadium during the Coldplay concert.
The Bukit Jalil National Stadium was packed to the brim for the concert. (Photo: Firas Fisal for Yahoo Southeast Asia)

KUALA LUMPUR – On a night that will be etched in the memories of over 75,000 fans, Brit-pop superstars Coldplay performed in Malaysia at the National Stadium Bukit Jalil on Wednesday (22 November) for the first time since they debuted in 1997, as part of their 'The Music of the Spheres World Tour'.

Despite heavy rainfall, the atmosphere was said to be electric as the seven-time Grammy-winning band delivered a musical experience that surpassed the expectations of those in attendance.

Known for their anthemic hits and captivating live performances, Chris Martin and gang kicked off the two-hour spectacle with the title track from their latest album 'Music of the Spheres', setting the tone for an immersive journey through the band's illustrious career.

Coldplay performed a repertoire of 26 songs, showcasing their evolution from alternative rock pioneers to global superstars.

A picture of the crowd at Malaysia's Bukit Jalil National Stadium during the Coldplay concert.
The crowd at the National Stadium braved the rain to see the band in action. (Photo: Vivek Yuvaraj for Yahoo Southeast Asia)

The crowd erupted with excitement as Coldplay delivered hits such as 'Higher Power', 'My Universe', 'Biutyful', 'Humankind', 'Human Heart', 'People of the Pride' and a special rendition of 'Kuala Lumpur Song' improvised by Martin himself.

How was the fan experience?

Fans who attended the concert flooded social media with joy, sharing photos and videos from the concert with the hashtag #ColdplayinKL which was trending on Twitter/X at the time of writing.

“I've been waiting for 27 years to see Coldplay live, and I cannot believe I am seeing them with my own eyes today. (I teared up a bit, haha). Everything about tonight feels like a dream, it's beautiful and I still can't believe it's real.” user @lilsarants tweeted.

One social media user also shared a video of Martin reading a poem in Malay. Other videos shared on social media also showed the 46 year-old speaking the local lingo when the band first came on stage.

Firas Fisal, one of the many attendees of the show, told Yahoo Southeast Asia that the concert was a “once-in-a-lifetime experience”.

“Truly amazing. Great performers who not only consider the singing but also the concept of the entire show,” he said.

"Last night was a special moment for me. From the performance and the experience, they were amazing from the start until the end of concert despite the weather as well,” another concert-goer, Justin, told Yahoo.

Expressing gratitude to the Malaysian audience, Martin said during the gig, "I wish we came to Malaysia sooner than this! Nobody told us this will be one of the best audiences in the world… We waited 27 years to perform here… Thank you to the government for letting us play here."

Coldplay also incorporated innovative sustainability elements for the concert with the use of kinetic dance floors and energy-storing stationary bikes. Fans were invited to actively contribute to powering the event by either dancing or cycling, turning the concert into a collaborative effort between the band and its dedicated supporters.

A picture of Coldplay's lead singer, Chris Martin, at Malaysia's Bukit Jalil National Stadium during the Coldplay concert.
Lead singer Chris Martin shared a poem in Bahasa Melayu, and also improvised a song due to the rain. (Photo: Firas Fisal for Yahoo Southeast Asia)

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