'Scream' star Dylan Minnette shamed online for 'underwhelming' red carpet attire

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Actor Dylan Minnette responded to claims he
Actor Dylan Minnette responded to claims he "underdressed" for a film premiere. (Image via Getty Images)

Dylan Minnette is being called out by fans for his "underwhelming" outfit at a recent event to promote his latest film, "Scream."

On Friday, the 25-year-old actor attended a red carpet event for the latest instalment of the horror franchise alongside his cast-mates Courteney Cox, David Arquette and Neve Campbell.

While the rest of the cast was dressed to the nines, many have taken to social media to point out that Minnette was dressed in casual attire, opting for a short-sleeved sweater and jeans.

"I'm confused as to why this man is wearing a T-shirt and jeans — noticeably less fancy than the rest of the cast," one Instagram user wrote.

"A very underwhelming outfit," added another.

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"Dylan Minnette on the 'Scream' red carpet like that one ugly friend who ruins all the group photos," another person tweeted.

The "13 Reasons Why" actor replied to the backlash via Twitter, revealing to fans he was unaware there would be a red carpet with photographers at the event. Minnette revealed that the film's premiere was cancelled, and assured fans that he would have "dressed for the occasion of a premiere."

"This was on a standard press junket day where there’s no pressure on a dress code, and there was a group photo being taken midday with one photographer. I also had no idea there would be a red carpet," he tweeted. He added, " Also, it was a sweater shirt, not a T-shirt, so."

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