Fans Cringe At Sacramento Kings Owner's Hilariously Awkward Kendrick Lamar Joke

Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadivé’s apparent attempt to quote Kendrick Lamar wasn’t exactly a slam dunk.

In a video shared online Monday, Ranadivé is seen talking to NBA veteran DeMar DeRozan — who recently joined the Kings in a reported sign-and-trade deal — about DeRozan being a sought-after free agent before he then references Lamar’s hit song “Not Like Us.”

“So I know, DeMar, that everybody wants you — every team, every city, all the players,” Ranadivé says while standing next to DeRozan. “But I got one thing to tell you: They’re nothing like us!”

DeRozan is shown breaking out in laughter before dapping it up with Ranadivé. But hip-hop fans were quick to call a foul on the tech entrepreneur’s butchering of Lamar’s lyrics. (Ranadivé has previously served as a contributor for HuffPost.)

The lyrics to the Compton, California, native’s catchy four-word chorus for his acclaimed song — a brutal diss track aimed at fellow rapper Drake — are “they not like us.”

Kendrick Lamar is seen during the music video shoot for
Kendrick Lamar is seen during the music video shoot for "Not Like Us" on Saturday, June 22, 2024, in Los Angeles, California. Michael Blackshire via Getty Images

Some social media users on X, formerly Twitter, called the Ranadivé video “cringe.”

Author Marc Lamont Hill, a former host of the now-defunct HuffPost Live who has also served as a columnist for HuffPost’s Opinion section, joked on Tuesday that the CEO’s “Not Like Us” reference marked the end of the song’s cultural moment.

“Welp. It’s a wrap, family,” he wrote on X.

“When your grand dad tries to make a culturally relevant joke during the thanksgiving photo with the grandkids,” another X user wrote.

Others joked that DeRozan laughing with Ranadivé demonstrated a relatable workplace situation.

“This was part of Demar’s contract: laugh at Vivek’s jokes,” one X user said.

“Demar is a good guy to sympathetically laugh along like that,” another wrote.

A third user said that DeRozan had a “fake corporate laugh.”

The NBA star, meanwhile, has had his own fun celebrating Lamar’s “Not Like Us.”

DeRozan, also a Compton native, was name-checked in the song, with the rapper making a reference to the basketball player getting traded by the Toronto Raptors in 2018 after nine seasons with the team.

Lamar took a shot at Drake and his hometown of Toronto with the track, saying, “I’m glad DeRoz’ came home, y’all didn’t deserve him neither.”

DeRozan made a cameo in the song’s music video, which was released Thursday.