Fan-Made ‘The Legend of Zelda’ Movie Trailer Embraces Campy ’80s Dark Fantasy Spirit

The Legend of Zelda series is indeed a legend for the ages. Having grown into household names, Zelda and Link have had their story told in many forms over the years, except as a live-action movie (the 1989 animated series doesn’t count). The pair’s absence on the big screen leaves behind a burning curiosity to see Hyrule in theatres, prompting a fan to reimagine The Legend of Zelda as a 1980s dark fantasy film.

The fan-made trailer by video editor Dom Nero stitches together famous scenes from popular cult classics, including The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, The Princess Bride, The NeverEnding Story, and more. It wouldn’t be a Zelda homage without some references to the franchise, though, so signature elements, such as the Triforce iconography and the Master Sword, have naturally been included.

There’s even a proper credits roll, showing Nintendo and The Henson Company as the creators, and Shigeru Miyamoto, Steven Spielberg, and Ridley Scott (also writer and director) as producers. It’s plenty campy, fun, and perfectly encapsulates the nostalgic presentation of the 1980s, which aligns with the release of the first game in 1986.

Since then, the franchise has spawned a host of mainline titles and spin-offs, garnering the most Game of the Year nominations in the history of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences’ D.I.C.E Awards. Ocarina of Time (1998), Majora’s Mask (2000), The Wind Waker (2002), Twilight Princess (2006), Skyward Sword (2011) , A Link Between Worlds (2013), and Breath of the Wild (2017) raked in a total of seven nods, with the latest release, Tears of the Kingdom keeping up its hot streak.

The Legend of Zelda
The Legend of Zelda

Only time will tell if there’s ever going to be a Legend of Zelda live-action movie. Chances are looking slim right now, but should the pipe dream become reality, those who were pranked by IGN’s brilliant April Fools’ trailer all those years ago can finally get their vindication.

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