Fan-Made Gran Turismo Poster On Roku Swaps 'Racer' For 'Racist'

A photo shows a man standing in front of a Roku background holding a real and fan-made Gran Turismo poster.
A photo shows a man standing in front of a Roku background holding a real and fan-made Gran Turismo poster.

Corporate needs you to find the differences between this poster and this poster.

A fan-made poster for Gran Turismo, a movie inspired by a video game inspired by a real-life racing event, which tweaked the flick’s tagline of “From Gamer To Racer” to “From Gamer To Racist,” somehow made its way onto the Roku streaming app, and fans are having a laugh.

The fan-made Gran Turismo poster was created by Jayofthedamned who, after seeing the tagline on the movie’s official poster, took a break from their usual artistic pursuits to make a little edit to the promotional image and share it to Twitter on June 25. Evidently, Jayofthedamned’s fan edit was comparable enough to the real thing that Roku populated it alongside other promotional images for the film on its app, and folks online are having a laugh about the whole thing. In the likely event that Roku swiftly corrects this oopsie, here’s an archive link of the fan-made poster on its site.

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Jayofthedamned shared news of their poster appearing on Roku and the incredulity of it remaining up over the weekend in two separate posts on the r/TwoBestFriendsPlay subreddit, which led to users congratulating them on their feat and clowning on Roku’s lack of oversight. News of the fan edit’s presence on Roku also made its way to the r/granturismo subreddit and received more of the same kind of comments. Here’s a selection of the funniest reactions to it.

“From Gran Turismo to COD,” Soraka30cmMOLE replied in a r/granturismo subreddit thread titled “Roku Messed up lol.”

“He’s more than just a mere racer - more of an artist of the race. A ‘Racist’, if you will,” Cael87 wrote in the same thread.

“Why does it say Gamer twice?” HiddenKING inquired in a r/TwoBestFriendsPlay thread.

“I need him him to say the gamer word when he overtakes his rival. Nyooom,” Weltallgaia wrote in a separate r/TwoBestFriendsPlay thread.

“[This is] up there with the Chinese theater that used the Loki/Thor ship poster for that Thor movie,” gothamsteel said (if I had to see it, so do you).

While the fan-edit poster didn’t succeed in persuading me to watch the film whenever it makes its home release, it did make me laugh and that’s priceless. I just hope Roku doesn’t become wise to the poster’s presence on its site by the time the film makes its home release.


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