This Fan Favorite Costco Bakery Find Is Finally Back for the Summer

And shoppers are buying three containers at a time.

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I don’t make trips to Costco often—an unfortunate reality of living in New York City—but when I do, I absolutely make the most of them. I grab all of that delicious fresh produce in bulk, hit the freezer section for some serious deals, grab a container (er, bag, I guess now, of rotisserie chicken), and maybe snag a new book if I stumble upon one.

Of course, I also make a pit stop at the bakery. There’s always some fun new sweet treat to try over at the Costco bakery, and I was absolutely delighted to find out that the S’mores Cookies have made a comeback for the summer.

Sure, while there are many s’mores cookies recipes I could try to make myself, these particular Costco cookies have a special twist that is hard to find anywhere else: The base is made with graham crackers and graham flour. Instead of having bits of graham cracker in the cookie, the entire cookie itself is like a soft-baked graham stuffed with bitter dark chocolate and thick, melty marshmallows. I know—it’s heaven in a cookie, you can admit it.

Simply Recipes / Kiersten Hickman
Simply Recipes / Kiersten Hickman

Why I Love These Costco S’mores Cookies

I confirm that these cookies taste just as good as they sound. They are chewy and soft (my preferred style of cookie) and aren't overpowered with lots of chocolate chunks. There are also heavy pockets of marshmallows, which I think is a lot more fun than tiny little marshmallows that taste dehydrated.

Plus, for a cookie that sounds overly sweet, I was shocked at how balanced this dessert was. I think it has the perfect amount of spice and sweetness in the actual cookie dough, which helps to round out that burst of sweetness you get from the chocolate and marshmallows.

I was satisfied to learn that I’m not the only one who adores these cookies. Shoppers over on Reddit love them so much that they’re swearing to buy three containers at a time! I completely understand this because my family devoured the entire container in one go.

Here’s my hot tip for these Costco S’mores cookies: Give them ten seconds in the microwave. The cookies will be even softer, the chocolate will be melty, and the marshmallow will be so gooey that it will pull apart like you just roasted it over a fire. Divine.

<p>Simply Recipes / Kiersten Hickman</p>

Simply Recipes / Kiersten Hickman

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