Famous Beluga Whale Greets Carer in Norwegian Fjord

Hvaldimir, a beluga whale famous for mysteriously appearing off the coast of Norway in April 2019 wearing a harness stamped “equipment of St Petersburg," delighted one of his carers by swimming up to her kayak and demonstrating his good health.

Krisztina Balotay, who recorded this video in a remote fjord in northern Norway on April 9, 2021, is part of Hvaldimir’s monitoring team and tries to visit him 4 or 5 times a year to assess his general condition, Balotay told Storyful.

Balotay added that Hvaldimir has recently settled in a remote area near some fish farms. “If he feels like he needs human company, he can go over to a tiny floating dock next to the farm base, where friendly locals visit him during the weekend,” she wrote on Facebook.

Though Balotay said she had to search for Hvaldimir for a few days on this particular visit, she noted that “he seemed to be in good spirits.” Credit: Krisztina Balotay via Storyful

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