Family's Camper Van Swept Away as Severe Flooding Hits Woodhull

Heavy flooding inundated the town of Woodhull, New York, on August 18, sweeping away one family’s camper van.

Stacey Foster went live on Facebook to document the damage wreaked by substantial rainfall, urging people to “pray for Woodhull”.

Her family’s camper van floated out of their backyard and the floodwaters were creeping up toward her bedroom window by the time she left her home.

“My fence, my porch, stairs on the side of my house have floated away now,” Foster says in the video. She was evacuated with her family and their dogs.

“If anyone finds a camper down the road, it’s probably mine,” she said.

A state of emergency was issued in Steuben County due to widespread flash flooding. Floodwaters two to five feet deep were rushing through Woodhull. Credit: Stacey Foster via Storyful

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