Family Takes Immense Joy in Scottish Father's Beauty Mask Blunder

A Scottish man attempting to beautify his complexion learned the hard way how not to use a skin-care face mask on November 11, as he unintentionally waxed his eyebrows, much to his family’s amusement.

Tracy Dougall captured the ordeal on film. In the footage posted to Facebook, she slowly peels the beauty product from the face of her partner, John.

“John had taken it upon himself to put the mask on and came into the room very proud of himself,” she told Storyful.

However, his pride quickly turned to horror upon hearing that he hadn’t used the product correctly.

Dougall added, “I told him that it should only be on the top half of his face, not on any hair, and definitely not on eyebrows or on his lips.” Credit: Tracy Dougall via Storyful