Family of Taekwondo black belts saves woman from attacker


A family of taekwondo instructors successfully prevented a sexual assault in the Cypress area on Tuesday by utilizing their martial arts training. The An family have run their taekwondo academy in Katy for 17 years.

  • The family was returning home from lunch when they heard screams at a nearby mobile phone store. Their patriarch, Han An, a taekwondo grandmaster and South Korean military vet, led the charge. They found a man on top of a woman. Han confronted the attacker, pinning him down despite being bitten and scratched. His sons Simon and Christian assisted in subduing Robinson, while their mother Hong and sister Hannah escorted the shaken victim to safety.

  • The suspect, identified as 19-year-old Alex Robinson, was arrested on the scene. He was charged with (1) attempted sexual assault, (2) assault, and (3) unlawful detention. He appeared in court with a bond set at $100,000 amid claims of mental health issues.

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