Family Is Suing Makers Of Fortnite, Call Of Duty For Fostering Addiction

A bunch of Fortnite characters walk away from an explosion.
A bunch of Fortnite characters walk away from an explosion.

Fans sue (or attempt to sue) video game companies all the time. Just this year a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II fan sued remaster publisher Aspyr for not delivering its planned restored content DLC, but these situations are usually targeted at specific companies about an isolated issue. However, one family is attempting to sue several of the biggest publishers in the industry for fostering video game addiction and negatively affecting several aspects of their son’s life and health.

The complaint (spotted by Insider Gaming and comes from an Arkansas mother who accuses five companies, namely Activision Blizzard, Microsoft, Epic Games, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft, and their subsidiaries of using “patented designs, algorithms and marketing containing addictive features and technology” to nurture addictive tendencies in minors in order to feed their “predatory” monetization methods. The complaint specifically accuses the companies of strict liability and negligence for not informing consumers of the potentially addictive design of their games while marketing them to young children and designing around encouraging spending on microtransactions.

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