Family Has Pasta on Clingfilm-Covered Table as Part of 'Messy Dinner' Trend

An English family decided to hop on the “messy dinner trend” by serving spaghetti on a clingfilm-covered table.

Chene Holm shared video to TikTok showing her family trying out the trend.

Holm told Storyful she and her family enjoy the “silly dances” and “fun challenges” that come up on TikTok. The latest was “so much fun,” she said. “I would encourage all parents to try something to spice up dinner time.” Credit: Chene Holm via Storyful

Video transcript


- Just ignore the camera. OK, are you guys ready for dinner tonight?

- Oh, are you ready for dinner, [INAUDIBLE]?


- Yeah.

- They're ready for supper.

- Hold on, hold on, [INAUDIBLE].

- Josh, are you ready for supper?

- Ready for supper. Woo! [LAUGHING]

- Hang on. Just take a little bit-- hang on, don't eat yet. [INAUDIBLE] doesn't like his mixed.


- Hang on.


- Hang on. Give me a second.

- Wait, please.


- What are you doing?



- Plastic over the table!

- No, no [INAUDIBLE] for me.

- Put all of it in.

- All of it? No, [INAUDIBLE].


- Cheese.


- That all that is [INAUDIBLE] in the UK.



- No, Ukraine's the biggest!

- Very big smile.

- Look at me!

- Careful, Josh. You [INAUDIBLE], this is all of our plates.



- The chicken's already in. You saw the chicken.

- This is cool.

- Take a big bite.



- Stop playing with your food. No, you're playing.

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