Family and PA will care for Adibah Noor's cats

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22 Jun – No worries, cat-lovers everywhere. All of Adibah Noor's 41 cats will be taken care of despite the singer's passing.

The news was announced by Adibah's personal assistant, Todd, via Adibah's official Twitter account, writing, "Please be noted that the welfare of Adibah Noor's cats is well preserved under the care of Adibah Noor's PA and her family."

"Please do not be fooled by fake news about the cats' welfare."

Meanwhile, Todd also posted on Adibah's Instagram, "On behalf of the family and friends of the late Adibah Noor, we thank you for the love and prayers you have shared when we are deeply saddened by her passing, a person we love so much.

"Hopefully, the tenacity, fighting spirit and generosity that she showed during her life will continue to be remembered and be exemplified in our lives as well. While time may cure grief, time will never end our love for her.

"Not only fellow human beings, Diba had also constantly showed a resolute love for other Divine created beings. Therefore, we will continue to care for and pamper all her beloved cats, as she had done all this time. Perhaps, in that way, it will lessen how much we missed her."

Todd with Adibah's cats
Todd with Adibah's cats
The two had worked together for a long time
The two had worked together for a long time

(Photo Source: Adibah Noor Instagram, Todd Harry Instagram, Media Hiburan)

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