Family Gives Health Worker Mom a Daily Standing Ovation During Coronavirus Outbreak

A family in Wales wanted to show their mom how much they appreciate her work in the health services during these trying times, so they have been welcoming her with a round of applause and a standing ovation every day when she returns home.

Lynne Lake works as a nurse in Ewloe, Wales, and her family told Storyful that on top of her dedication to caregiving as a general practice nurse, she is best mom they could ask for.

“She is a brilliant Mum and does so much for us all. We believe she is a true hero and deserves all the recognition she can get,” Zoe, Lynne’s daughter, told Storyful.

Zoe recorded a video that shows her father Richard, her siblings Jonathan and Peter, and her fiancé Josua, standing in a line by the door, waiting for Lynne to come home after work.

Once Lynne walks through the front door, they all begin to clap and cheer for her as she smiles and puts her bags down. Jonathan posted the footage to Twitter on March 30.

“Mum has said how much she appreciates this and how it helps her switch off from work mode and get back to family life,” Zoe told Storyful. Credit: Zoe Lake via Storyful