Family Goals: Father and 4-Year-Old Son Create Intricate Soccer Practice Routines

A soccer-loving father and son from Wexford, Ireland, have created an Instagram account bursting with intricate goal-scoring routines in their front yard.

Mason O’Reilly, or Mace the Ace as he goes by on Instagram, where he has over 14,000 followers, regularly exhibits impressive skills during routines where he and his father exchange passes around obstacles before celebrating each goal scored together.

This video shows three such routines from the youngster and his soccer-mad dad.

“It’s something we love to do and we have made numerous videos just like it as we get great enjoyment making them,” Mason’s father, Danny O’Reilly, told Storyful.

Mason has also accumulated close to 45,000 followers on TikTok and one day hopes to play for Arsenal. Credit: Danny O’Reilly via Storyful

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