Family Have Fun With Long Shadows While Marching Across Bonneville Salt Flats

A family from West Haven, Utah, visited the state’s Bonneville Salt Flats on April 26, capturing intriguing images of their long shadows in the process.

The famous flats provided Justin McFarland and his family with an ideal opportunity for a sightseeing excursion while adhering to social distancing advice. As they were there near sundown, they decided to use the resultant long shadows to create some memorable visuals. The results were captured using a drone.

McFarland told Storyful, “We figured it would be a great way to get out of the house and still practice social distancing.”

He added, “I asked my wife and kids to kick their legs up while we all walked in a straight line to make the shadows more animated.” Credit: Justin McFarland via Storyful