Family Cracks Up as Sister's Outfit Compared to Mustard Bottle

A family erupted in laughter at their home in Melo, Uruguay, on November 9, after one of the children found an uncanny resemblance between his sister’s outfit and a bottle of mustard.

The video was recorded by Lucas Pintos Jaccottet as he walked into the living room, where his sister Deborah was talking to the family. Pintos Jaccottet raised the mustard bottle to highlight the perfect harmony of colors, as his family burst out laughing.

“[Deborah] was about to leave the house when I realized that she kind of looked familiar,” he told Storyful, “At first we joked about how she looked like Winnie the Pooh, but then I realized that the colors were inverted and that’s when I remembered about the mustard bottle.” Credit: Lucas Pintos Jaccottet via Storyful