This Family Built A Snow Bar In Their Backyard And It’s The Perfect At-Home Winter Activity

Kelly Allen
·1-min read

From House Beautiful

Miss going out to bars? Here’s a free idea: Build one out of snow in your backyard. A TikToker shared how their family did this, and it’s a solid at-home winter activity to try this season.

TikToker @guthut gave a look at their family’s snow bar-building process from start to finish. Provided that you live in an area where it has snowed and you have a backyard, this at-home activity costs nothing. All it requires is a bit of strength, handy work, and items from around the house like Christmas lights and chairs. And, of course, you need booze to stock it with. Perhaps the best part, aside from having a personal bar, is that the snow bar is basically a built-in cooler. Your drink will never turn lukewarm!

People are obsessed with this snow bar idea in the comments. “Are you hiring family members? Asking for me,” one person wrote. Others have had a change of heart when it comes to cold weather. “I have never wanted to live in [a snowy location] until right now,” another person commented.

Since the pandemic has made going out to bars an unsafe pursuit, having a personal bar made of snow seems like a seasonally on-point alternative. Plus, it’s not permanent! Come spring, it’ll melt away and you can use your outdoor space for other activities. Or you could built an actual bar set-up in your backyard for spring and summer. Whatever works!

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