Family assistant to event representative: The best side hustles to pursue in 2023

best side jobs
best side jobs

A side job or a side hustle is a means to earn extra money in addition to a full-time career. A source of income which makes it simpler to purchase luxuries or build up savings, the best side jobs are the ones which help you with something extra without even making you realise that you are working beyond your bandwidth.

Often, these are also the ones which fuel the passion and purpose of your life.

Importance of a side job

In this era, where inflation has gone up manyfold, a side hustle provides the chance to explore your interests or work towards your ideal career without giving up the source of regular income or your day job. Also, in the advent of layoffs, securing a second part-time employment can also act as a safety net.

Typically, a side hustle doesn’t ask for a big initial outlay. While some side jobs largely entail delivering a service, others involve selling products or providing assistance. The best part is that many of these side hustle jobs can be successfully completed without a formal education or specialised training.

As reported by Bloomberg, ZipRecruiter, with the use of listing analysis, has come up with a list of jobs that can be taken up part-time and require little to no experience. However, certain freelance jobs such as content creation or blogging have been kept off the list owing to their extreme flexibility.

Here are some of the best side jobs to try in 2023

Family Assistant

Housekeeping chores, childcare responsibilities and helping parents with simple tasks can all be part of one’s job as a family assistant. In accordance with the employer’s requirements, duties may change. There are part-time opportunities available for a family assistant as well, despite the fact that many family assistants live with and work for their employers full-time. While applying for work as a family assistant, one typically has to go through a thorough background check. Family assistants are frequently employed based on their interpersonal skills and pertinent experience.

Lead Generator

Lead generators are also referred to as telemarketers, who contact potential customers via phone, email and social media to schedule appointments and answer queries about services being provided by a company. A lead generator is a person who draws in and persuades curious strangers based on prospects to purchase a good or service from a company.


best side jobs
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Craftsmen are competent and knowledgeable people who regularly work with hand tools, power tools and automated machines. Depending on their skill level, a craftsperson can make anything from furniture to bed springs to vehicle parts. Being a craftsman doesn’t require any formal education as such, but being experienced and skilled is crucial for a successful craftsman.

Sales Specialist

best side jobs
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Sales specialists are employed across a variety of sectors, including technology, real estate and insurance. A sales representative contacts potential clients and maintains such connections, aiding a company in optimising its operations by managing sales teams and giving sound advice to executives.

Care Coordinator

best side jobs
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Mostly related to hospitals or long-term care facilities, care coordinators need to supervise and record patient progress. As part of the job, one needs to organise paperwork and medical data, collaborate on timetables and interact with patients and their families.


best side jobs
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A side job as a driver is one of the best options to make extra bucks for those who are good at driving and like hitting the road. All one needs is a valid driving licence. Commercial drivers are required by numerous industries including construction, healthcare and retail.

Customer Service

best side jobs
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Customer service involves working as a customer care executive wherein one needs to assist clients with technical problems and address complaints. It requires good communication skills and a problem-solving approach to qualify as a helpdesk executive. The executive can provide solutions through phone or email.

Nursing Aide

Nursing Aid
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Nursing aides or assistants mostly work at hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes and living facilities that are specially assisted, by giving basic care and administering medication. A nursing assistant’s duties as a basic care provider include helping patients with daily routines including eating and grooming so they can recover comfortably.

Quality Assurance (QA) Reviewer

QA Reviewer
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Before a software or product is released, it is the quality assurance reviewer who detects and solves issues in it. If necessary, quality assurance reviewers work with developers to build solutions. They are required in various sectors, including automobile, medical device production and food and beverage industries.

Event Representative

An event specialist or an event representative is in charge of organising the logistics of an event, such as selecting venues and caterers and working with other suppliers with respect to entertainment or other aspects of a festival or an event.

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