Families reunite as Qatar-Saudi flights resume

A family reunited after a political boycott that’s lasted years.

Khalid al-Hajri thanked god that he was finally able to hug his uncles and grandma again.

Relatives separated for years by a dispute between Qatar and four Arab states reunited Monday (January 11) as the first flight from Doha landed in Saudi Arabia.

Connection resumed after a U.S-backed deal last week opened up travel routes once more.

Badar al-Qahtani was in the airport to greet his sister.

"Thank god for the return of the relationship with Qatar. Between us and Qatar are a lot of things, we have a political, economic, social and geographical relationship. We also have relatives and blood with them, one them is my aunt, God bless her, her and her kids. We haven't seen them in 4 years and thank God, today we reunite."

Saudi last week announced a deal to end the bitter political row with Qatar that saw Riyadh, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt impose a diplomatic, trade and travel boycott on Doha in 2017.

It was all over allegations that it supports terrorism and cosies up to foe Iran.

Qatar denied the charges and says the boycott was aimed at curtailing its sovereignty.

Qatari citizens were expelled from the four states, which banned their own citizens from visiting or dealing with Qatar.

The rift separated the many families that cross the borders of the Gulf.

With those again open that divide can now be closed.